My Instinct-driven Journey- うまれたまんま

My first project of knitting journey

I started my knitting journey and already can't imagine my life without knitting.
It's very healing and easier to come into yourself than sitting meditation.
And my first knitting project has done satisfactory!!!!
My flask with scratched scars has revitalized!!!

# by ensrilanka | 2017-12-11 21:47

What is the meaning of illness? talked by Satish Kumar


His talk always energizes me and reminded me of appreciating and celebrating what I already have.
For me as a medical anthropologist, he gave us an interesting insight of illness, and I totally agreed with it.

I cited from a part of his talk below;
illness is living. That means you're alive.
Only living body can have headache.
The first thing is to accept the illness. 
Yes, You are alive. I am alive so that mentally, physically illness is possible, sore is possible.
We can not be free from sore, physical illness.
And illness is not cure, but only caring.
Western medicine is only for cure. They want to defeat the illness like a battle.
Illness is coming to teach you something, such as humanity or compassion.
So even in illness you can find the possitive part.
The work for illness is not cure, but caring.
Be always caring you.
Don't expect cure.
if some illness cure, other illness would come.

The talk was exactly same as my insight of illness.
Thank you, Satish.

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MY comfort Tabi shoes

Cows passed in front of my house.
Ahh, no!!
What I would like to mention here is not a shape of cow hoof, but Japanese work shoes, Tabi.
Here it is!! It is not cow's, but mine!!
Some people I met here are curious about my very comfort shoes.
Some said " Wow!! nice!!!, some said "How come the split-toe is ??", or some said " hmmm, cows or goats or sheep??"
I am always contented to make people surprised and suspicious with this shoes :)
Yes, this is a pair of favorite and easy shoes!!!

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Tibetan Chanting Night and reunited with a friend spontaneously

I went to a chant given by Gyuto monks of Tibet in the great hall, Dartington.
Their deep harmonious overtone and vibration lead us into a kind of trance.
As we took seats on the balcony, we enjoyed directly the reflection of the overtone from the roof!!!
To be in their presence made me feel universal love and understand acceptance without judgements.
And an astonishing thing happened probably because of the monks blessing during the break time!!!
I accidentally met Ingrid in the toilet. When I just came out from a toilet stall, she was first on the line for toilet.
And the day was the first day for her to come into the new house with a key that located 3mins walk from there!!!
I got to be the first guest to her house, that has wide nicely gardens and will be a great community place.
After I came back form the chanting and the friend's house, I kept listening the chant with youtube in my cozy room.
Was a memorable night!!

# by ensrilanka | 2017-11-30 09:29

Making Christmas ornaments with the favor of Mother Nature.

Making Christmas ornaments with the favor of Mother Nature.
It was much easier than I expected!!
I realized that we can create most of things from what we've already have.
No more excess consuming!!
I hope to have a happy buy nothing day on Black Friday !!!
This is what I made!! Truly I was satisfied with my work!!
Thanks to Emma who collected tons of material from the forest around, we could absolutely enjoy making and doing handy crafts!!!
Seven of us worked together and our bond was getting tighter :)
It is a good way for building up a team to do handworks in a same space while chatting.

# by ensrilanka | 2017-11-29 04:12

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